Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

DVD - 2020
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Nov 16, 2020

I really wanted to love this movie, but it is deplorable on too many fronts. [Alex] “What is wrong with you?” [John Bosley] “No sense of humor, that’s your problem.” That's a great description of this film! This is another bigoted Hollywood film that can only message that women are good by also messaging that men are bad. This film is misandrist. And a bad film. So much so, on both accounts, the mostly liberal media film critics gave it only a 52% on the Tomatometer. Ouch! The original Charlie’s Angels films were comedic action films that were a fun ride while allowing women to be the heroes, and even a few baddies. In this film, all the baddies are men. The frontline comedic chops are provided by Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart (no relation, LOL). Have you ever known Kristen Stewart and Patrick Stewart to be hilarious in anything? Me neither. The producers just didn’t seem to have a clue what franchise they were working in. They appear to be so determined to make a film that lifts up women by hating on men that they created exactly what you would expect from such a hateful and bigoted place: a really bad movie.

Oct 21, 2020

This movie was not good at all. The lead actresses had no chemistry together, the characters did not have any personalities or things that would make them stand out from other angels from the past. I wasn't a fan of the action or the all girls can be angels message.

The thing that made Drew Barrymore's Charlie's Angeles so fun was the fantastic chemistry between Lucy, her and Cameron. The soundtrack was always banging and the action was always fast and just kick-ass.

If I can say one positive thing about this movie is that I LOVE Kristen Stewart and she was my main reason for not only watching this movie but finishing it too when I simply wanted to stop watching and believe me, 20 minutes into the movie and I was ready to quit.

CMLibrary_gjd Oct 08, 2020

A reboot I can finally get behind!! I really enjoyed Elizabeth Banks' take on this mostly female detective agency. One of the elements we found appealing were the links they made with other incarnations of the Townsend Agency (some of the CGI looked a little photoshopped though) rather than completely disavowing what had come before.

Strong female characters, female writers, female director--and a strong soundtrack make this movie a good date night or if you have older children, family viewing. I hope to see more female lead movies coming to screens soon.

Oct 02, 2020

This was another fun Charlie’s Angels movie. I enjoyed it. My daughter enjoyed it. Is the movie or any of the players going to win an Oscar for it? No. Is it worthwhile to see and light-heartedly entertaining? Absolutely!

Sep 13, 2020

was funny & great! will watch again.

Sep 12, 2020

Very Good version of Charlie's Angels

Sep 11, 2020

This is an ok action movie. I'm still not a fan of Kristen Stewart; I think she's awful at acting. Not a must watch, but a decent one to see during this pandemic.

JCLHeatherM Aug 13, 2020

A continuation of the reboot from the original series (there's a cute nostalgia scene of previous Angels in the first half of the movie), the film just didn't hold up. A lot of flash and action scenes, plenty of glitz, glam, and bling, but not enough 'heart' or character development to make me care about the Angels as individuals. We get splashes and hints of backstory, but without a payoff or follow through, there's really no point in having backstory and character development at all. There's a few moments where the cast is able to shine together. but with stilted dialog it's really very brief. The one other small bright spot of the film is the end credits, where we see additional Angels performing various tasks and challenges.

Aug 13, 2020

Charlie’s Angels is a very enjoyable movie. The movie is about a group of female private agents, who are known as “Charlie’s Angels” that are sent on a very cool mission. It’s one of my favourite action movies to watch. I really enjoyed the plot and the suspense that was in this movie. The movie is also really funny, and it’s great to watch with your friends or family. The action and comedy in this movie are really great, and the actors have done an incredible job. This movie is really good, and you would enjoy it a lot if you like action, and comedy! I rate this movie a 4/5.
@Khutoria of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Jul 30, 2020

Elizabeth Banks stepping up again, and taking a hard turn against the male heirachal system with the revamp here... the cast of leads did not over impress me; and a heavy dosing of short hand back story to fill in the blanks. Sir Stewart as the villian (from what I've
heard of the series PICARD, maybe it's just as well...) the fomulaic rounding does deliver as the original did a generation ago, and now we have the benefit of those "Angels" to blaze this trail for those who today still are suppressed and marginalised despite their talents and aspirations...
Makes me proud to hate myself for being a man who in all likelihood would be as conniving, underhanded and barely capable as the 2nd male lead villian.. Djimon Honsou was lucky to get out early, but I would not be too surprised to see a franchise fester from this effort; if only to wipe the smug grin off my chauvinist face from record box office, theme singles and fast food tie ins....

Jul 12, 2020

Wow this is bad, I am not sure if it is the acting, or the script. The ending was the only good part of the movie. The directing was good and the camera angles were fine. They just seemed to want to cram it with a bunch meaningless events then a great ending. Pass it by

ArapahoeLizet Jul 06, 2020

Yes! Girl action movies! I enjoyed the original Charlie's angels from the 70s and the 2000s version. Girls fighting evil with amazing movies, and always looking good. Love the characters! I really dislike Kristen Stewart in the Twilight movies, but this movie, I got to see a side to Kristen that I really enjoyed.

Jul 05, 2020

The franchise reboot that literally NO ONE asked for.
Wasn't even good in a corny funny sense. This was just downright boring.
Sad to say that as I LOVED the Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz movies and the whole Charlie's Angels concept.

ArapahoeSarah Jun 20, 2020

I thought the plot was lacking, but I did like the music and the actresses in this movie. I definitely preferred the previous Charlie's Angels films.

RandomLibrarian Apr 23, 2020

This movie has been unfairly lambasted. It's a great deal of fun, full of competent women who are good at their jobs and use the tendency of men to not see women as a threat to their advantage. Kristen Stewart is adorably awkward and funny and I'd love to see her in more roles like this, rather than attempting to play it serious. The fight scenes were action-packed, ranging from car chases and fire fights to fist fights and tranquilizer tabs. What I enjoyed most is that this movie was NOT male gazey. If the women wore a skimpy outfit, the focus was always on what they were doing, not on their cleavage or butts. There was no risk of sexual assault or rape, no gratuitous violence inflicted upon them.

So what if there's not much surprise in the plot? We don't lambast men for making action movies where some taciturn, muscle-bound bundle of ManPain walks around blowing stuff up to compensate for his suffering. Why do we have a problem with this great team of women - each smart and accomplished in her own way - doing what they do, doing it well, with a sense of humor and loving it? I would dearly love to see more movies like this.

"Charlie’s Angels" is really fun, total eye candy, and really a good time. Don't listen to the critics. Watch it and judge for yourself.

Apr 14, 2020

I mean, if we're going to keep churning out meaningless action films, I'd much rather watch Kristen Stewart beat up a bunch of dudes than witness Tom Cruise break more bones in increasingly outlandish Mission Impossible stunts. Like, KStew is just so much more enjoyable. And she's FUNNY. A nice quarantine watch.

Apr 10, 2020

I enjoyed this movie, and can honestly say I actually enjoyed this version more than the original reboot movie with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu (though I can’t say I ever watched the original series.) there were a few key reveals that were made that I didn’t necessarily care for, however I won’t spoil that here for those who plan to watch the movie. Overall it was a great movie and I would recommend watching it! Had plenty of laughs and quite a bit of action!

Apr 09, 2020

I’ve never really paid much attention to this franchise. This was the first Charlie’s Angels I had seen and I actually really enjoyed it. (I didn’t have much to go off of though). I enjoyed the actors/actresses and thought this was a great cast! It was funny and kept my attention the whole time. If you’re looking for some laughs, some action, and adventure....then is is a great movie!

sjpl_javier Mar 28, 2020

The weird green screen with over lit actors in a dark background is jarring. Effects and stunts that are supposed to make you awe over how cool they are look like they have been maid by someone that just learned how to use Adobe Creative Suite on

The story and actions is typical of a Charlie's Angels movie.

Bad visual effects ruin this otherwise worthy popcorn flick.

Mar 15, 2020

Bad movie. Not sure what they were thinking, but this movie is terrible. Bad script, bad plot, bad everything! Miss it - go back to the earlier ones with Drew Barrymore - much better.

Mar 03, 2020

Just a fun movie to watch.

Feb 15, 2020

Merely OK, although it was fun seeing my beloved Kristen Stewart lighten up and smile.
Most of her post-"Twilight" roles have had such a high angst quotient.
But Elizabeth Banks was clearly the wrong director for this movie. She lacks the action chops to pull off the numerous setpieces, most of which fall flat.
For a better femme-directed action/comedy hybrid, check out 2018's "The Spy Who Loved Me" w/ Mila Kunis and the SNL lady.

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