Party of One

Party of One

Stephen Harper and Canada's Radical Makeover

Book - 2014
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Against the backdrop of a Conservative commitment to transparency and accountability, Harris exposes the ultra-secrecy, non-compliance, and dismissiveness of this prime minister. And with the Conservative majority in Parliament, the law is simple: what one man, the PM, says, goes.
Publisher: Toronto, Ontario :, Viking,, 2014.
Copyright Date: ©2014
ISBN: 9780670067015
Branch Call Number: CAN CaOONL 20149044305
Characteristics: 534 pages ;,24 cm.
Alternative Title: Party of 1


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Jun 02, 2016

The entire premise of this book is wrong for so many reasons. For starters, when the author states that PM Paul Martin was "personally above reproach," it's kind of hard to take what he writes seriously. Secondly, in his parallel universe, only conservatives use third-party advertising (remember the "working families" coalition), engage in dirty tricks or hire US political strategists (James Carville used to regularly advise the Liberal Party during election season). But Harris seems quite butthurt that Harper spoke critically of Atlantic Canada. Sorry Michael, but the entire region is one giant welfare office -- there's a reason people are fleeing that area like the plague. Same thing with a majority government being basically an elected dictatorship; when you have an executive branch that is in charge of the legislative branch and the GG basically being a figurehead, the PM, whether it's a liberal or a conservative is basically a dictator for a period of up to five years. And then there's the idea that Stephen Harper has "radically" changed Canada. I know that if you read some of the reviews below by various left-wing loons (or listen to the mayor of Oakville), you'd think that Harper is the reincarnate of Mussolini and Hitler. But the reality is that Harper is a centrist; in fact, he's the ultimate cuckservative who was more than willing to turn Canada into a third world hell hole. The only difference between him and the Liberals/NDP is that he was much better at hiding this fact.

Jan 23, 2016

This is a disturbing book to read. We should all be glad the former PM is gone. What is particularly disturbing is that we have a democracy but he was able to attack and undermine parts of it in full view of the public. Thank goodness for our Supreme court, opposition parties and our press.
Chapters in the book highlight various issues and important events that the previous PM and his gang were involved in. Some go into too much detail (e.g. the robo-calls scandal) but it is all useful to remind us of how dangerous a person the previous PM was. It is not hard to believe that he cared little for real democracy and had strong dictatorial tendencies to put it mildly.

Nov 10, 2015

a searing portrait of a psychopath in prime ministerial clothing, we should all be watching our backs

Aug 31, 2015

First about the critical comments: the Globe and Mail being the conservative paper it is, takes a totally negative approach to the book. The Star says it more like it is: " this is not a balanced recounting of the Harper record", but " is a devastating critique of Canada’s present government and it is fair to say that author Michael Harris believes the prime minister to be a clear and present danger — an existential threat — to Canada’s democracy. " And an impeccably documented critique it is. Scandals, lies, corruption, destruction of our democratic institutions, the Americanization of Canadian politics, almost all is there. And I wrote "almost" knowingly. Harris even forgets to mention some of the earliest lies in the first Harris government, such as the promise not to tax the income trusts, which he rapidly turned around and taxed to the fullest. (And I am not arguing that they should not have been taxed: I am saying that if you intend to do something as extensive as that, you should not lie about it)

Aug 20, 2015

Every Canadian, especially those in Quebec and Nfld, needs to read this book, even just the first chapter will shock and remind us of what our prime minister has been up to.

Aug 16, 2015

A detailed but totally one-sided presentation of the controversial issues that have occurred over the past decade, it's designed to make Stephen Harper look like an impossible autocrat, the most dangerous person Canada has ever encountered. Its epilogue is an interview with Farley Mowat, who has invented more "non-fiction" than anyone else I know. Not recommended for anyone who tries to understand things.

redban Jul 17, 2015

Currently reading a most-excellent book: 'Harperism: How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada' by Donald Gutstein, a must-read for anyone (not just Canadians) who wants to understand the Corporate-Capitalist take-over.

Ever wonder what all that corporate lobbying money and those mighty corporate Foundations and Think Tanks are used for? A full-throttle assault on the working class (domestic and foreign) and the environment. We are so behind with containing Climate Change, and our dear leader pushes for more pipelines, tar sands, fracking, and offshore drilling. Supports militarism/imperialism abroad. Dismantles social programs and scientific research at home.

Knowledge brings outrage.

Jul 17, 2015

America, UK, Sweden, Italy, France and now Canada. [Although France appears to be swinging left again.] Sadly, the Global Banking Cartel, or Transnational Capitalist Class, is planetary in its nature, as is the global character of predatory capitalism. Our neighbors to the North long believed themselves removed from this, then one day awakened to it! A book of first-rate reportage. [Should be stocked at the Seattle library, had to go and purchase it!]

May 28, 2015


May 16, 2015

I prefer a democracy, Westminster Parliamentary system, a universal health system and the CPP. Who knew that Harper had these on his hit list. If he is elected in the upcoming election after the Robocall scandals, proroging parliament unnecessarily on more than one occassion, attempting to push through hidden and deceptive legislation in omnibus bills, the Senate scandals, fighting with his own loaded Supreme Court appointees who will not bow to his shortsighted American style justice, then Canada really will be gone. Our history, traditions, social systems and culture obviously do not mean anything to this neo-conservative destroyer.

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