The Undead
The Undead Organ Harvesting, the Ice-water Test, Beating-heart Cadavers : How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death By Teresi, Dick Book - 2012

"More alarming, Teresi charges that the brain-death revolution is driven by the $20 billion-a-year organ transplant business. Teresi will scare readers to death with examples of how undependable brain-death criteria can be..." (comments from Publishers Weekly reviewer). A most interesting book, looking at subjects from a creative angle, examining all the known variables! Along with the organ transplant business is the organ trafficking business, estimated at another $80 billion (wonder about such a figure, are forensic audits allowed on these businesses?). Possibly it is a $200 billion industry? And this is why DAFOH (Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting) exists, based out of Pittsburgh.

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