Luther The Calling By Cross, Neil Book - 2011

The best genre novel I have read in a long time. If you are a fan of the BBC series then you know what to expect. Except Neil Cross has turned the loss of faith in the humanity of London all the way down to minus 10. All the depravity that is only hinted at in the show shows up here but is very well written. Cross does a great job of making you care about minor characters by giving you detailed insight into their sad little lives of misfortune. Having done this he can make you feel a character's fear and desperation. His villain is also very fleshed out and terrifying. You find yourself wanting more from him. But as scary and startling as everyone and everything in the story is nothing is sadder than watching the marriage of the protagonist fall apart. It is all the more sadder because they clearly love each other very much. This love is perhaps the most jolting death in the book.

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