Party of One
Party of One Stephen Harper and Canada's Radical Makeover By Harris, Michael Book - 2014

First about the critical comments: the Globe and Mail being the conservative paper it is, takes a totally negative approach to the book. The Star says it more like it is: " this is not a balanced recounting of the Harper record", but " is a devastating critique of Canada’s present government and it is fair to say that author Michael Harris believes the prime minister to be a clear and present danger — an existential threat — to Canada’s democracy. " And an impeccably documented critique it is. Scandals, lies, corruption, destruction of our democratic institutions, the Americanization of Canadian politics, almost all is there. And I wrote "almost" knowingly. Harris even forgets to mention some of the earliest lies in the first Harris government, such as the promise not to tax the income trusts, which he rapidly turned around and taxed to the fullest. (And I am not arguing that they should not have been taxed: I am saying that if you intend to do something as extensive as that, you should not lie about it)

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