Hanns and Rudolf
Hanns and Rudolf The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz By Harding, Thomas Book - 2013

Hanns and Rudolf is journalist Thomas Harding’s research on a British Army Captain and German Jewish immigrant named Hanns Alexander who helped capture the commandant of the Auschwitz death camp, Rudolf Höss, after the end of World War II. The book is great for a variety of reasons in that the reader gets a biography of both Hanns Alexander’s Jewish childhood in Germany and a contrasting biography of Rudolf Höss’s life and eventual early membership in the Nazi Party.

The author also writes about how Hanns and his British team conducted their detective work to find Nazi war criminals and how Höss and some of the other perpetrators of The Holocaust looked to evade justice at the end of the war in 1945. This book is a great and quick read for those wanting a combination of a biography and an interesting detective and true crime book.

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