Zero Sugar Diet
Zero Sugar Diet The 14-day Plan to Flatten your Belly, Crush Cravings, and Help Keep You Lean for Life By Zinczenko, David Book - 2016

So, I've given this a pretty high rating based on what I feel it has done for me. Cracked my 70's not that long ago and put in quite a bit of exercise time daily. I'm going to guess I do twice as much as many do, even many younger. My BMI is pretty much dead center normal. This fellow is throwing around two words which qualify as motivators, 'flat stomach'. To fuel that dream, we are pounded over the head with repeated material delineating the evils of added sugar and how nearly inescapable it is in our diets. I'm a believer. Readers of this book might want to reflect on how they've come to accept as normal the super sweetening of everything edible. So part one is 'no added sugar'. Part two is 'get enough fiber'. Your own common sense might be able to take it from there; he points out the good foods and the the ones to avoid. That includes eating at home, recipes, and tips on what you can eat at ubiquitous fast food and sit down eateries. Going all purpose, he throws in some ideas of helpful practices and even exercise. He is very scientifical; he cites a study where dieters off to a fast start do better in the long run, hence his 14 day starter. If they changed the condition of the study by telling all participants that working the principals would improve their life and both fast and slow measures would work, study results might have been different. There might be better books on the subject, and there is not much poetry in here, but I think I will be benefiting, if not, it will be my own fault.

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