Sabina Wilson: Wait. Why would Bosley want to take Elena to Brok?

Bosley: Bringing the Birdman back to Alcatraz, I guess.

Saint: The who?

Bosley: It's a movie. Burt Lancaster.

Sabina Wilson: Birdman. Michael Keaton.

Bosley: No, Michael Keaton is Batman.

Saint: No, Ben Affleck is Batman.

Bosley: I mean, is he? Am I really the only person here who knows who Burt Lancaster is?

Sabina Wilson: I'm concussed.

Bosley: It doesn't matter. It's an old movie. It's from, like... ..

Saint: How old ARE you?

Bosley: How old am I? What? That has nothing to do with it.

Saint: I don't have your references.

Bosley: There are film buffs of all ages.

Jane Kano: Let's go get our girl!

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