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red_butterfly_4693 made a comment Jul 07 2021
"Love this series, I have read it multiple times, Swipe starts off rather slow, but if you can power through the story picks up near the end and then is continued in Sneak. Storm is the third book featuring Logan and the gang. Out of all the book..." Permalink
red_butterfly_4693 rated a title Jul 07 2021
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Apr 02 2021
"Loved this book and i loved Mike he reminded me of my Daddy" Permalink
red_butterfly_4693 created a list Mar 22 2021
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"I read like a lot. So here is a list of my absolute favorite books! Enjoy! I'll add to this as I keep reading so make sure to check back."
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"A list of different books, movies, ebooks, and other things that I have enjoyed. And yes, I did steal the title from the Sound of Music. :)"
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