Feb 05, 2019
Because Pacific Rim only had the insufficient clout of its pathetic PG-13 rating, all that this "Transformers" rip-off movie amounted to was just director Guillermo del Toro's infantile concept of a 13-year-old boy's wet-dream. I honestly swear that after the 2nd of what seemed like an endless stream of mind-numbing battle scenes, I had developed a serious case of brain-freeze. It's true. Predictable beyond belief, Pacific Rim was a mindless mess that held absolutely no surprises, whatsoever. The most damaging aspect of this film's story was that it clearly took itself way too seriously for its own good. When it came to all of the cookie-cutter characters who prevailed in Pacific Rim, I really resented the emphasis that was placed on a bunch of cocky, self-centered jocks who were the ones intended to save the day. And the quirky repulsiveness of research scientists, Gottlieb & Newt, actually made me cringe every time these 2 despicable twits made an appearance on screen. At an overlong 2 hours and 10 minutes, Pacific Rim could've easily been edited down to 90 minutes and, believe me, in the long run, it wouldn't have made even the slightest difference to the final outcome of its truly nonsensical story.