May 14, 2021Indoorcamping rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
You know those odd movies that you happen across one Saturday and keep watching, and then are completely mesmerized by? This is that. It’s like jumping into another place and time, a weird one, like the opposite of a predictable, middle class 1960’s sitcom kind of life, but oddly kind of similar. There’s just an abundance of many assumed social rules, ways of behaving, and should and shouldn’t do’s like an old sitcom, but the funny part for me at least is that the rules and norms are all in the protagonist’s head (and the head of her sister, who is extreme in her idea of reality). Look at this book like a view of a very different world, an unsettling world where people are not healthy mentally (or are they?), not holding regular jobs, not following any sort of structured life, not dependable nor responsible, creative in getting without working for things they need. And cross that world with rich relatives and heirs to castles and people who know the social rules and pass down animal fur coats to their heirs and there’s a lot going on. And it’s all quite adorable, if outdated in a sitcom kind of way. I loved it feeling like I was in another country, encountering people who responded like no one I’ve ever met, and getting in situations nobody rational would put themselves in. And in the end, the girl who wants the boy gets the right boy, the girl who doesn’t want any of the boys stays true to herself, and the weirdos and beautiful but crazy people work their talent into opportunities. So much fun!