Epicness, epic, with a hint of awesome. This film is so epic you will watch it saying "epic" your eyes will send messages to your brain that say epicness to the max. Ever seen anything more epic? Well it better be this, because this is epicness to the max. Imagine some one taking all the Epicness in the world and melting it down to the alloy of awesome, and then turn it in to a cup or Goblet for epicness, you then pour the liquid awesomeness and epicness and make it in to a magnificent cup, you then pour every epic made while this cup was created, you then pour it in to this cup and give it to Del Toro, and you get this epicness of a movie. This movie will want you to have more epicness in your life, and this epic of a movie will help you take care of 99.9999 % of that need for awsomeness. 'Nuff said.